Your Mindful Morning Checklist

✔️ Open your curtains to let the sun in. Waking up with the natural light is the easiest way to start your day on the bright side.

✔️ Drink a big glass of water. Take this moment to appreciate the freshness of a new day!

✔️ Pick your mantra. It can be something that pops into your mind right when you wake up or that you think about while brushing your teeth. A single word or a short phrase for the day will do.

✔️ Get moving in a way that feels good for your body. Stretch, exercise, hike, do yoga, or go on a walk! At least 30 minutes will help get your feel-good chemicals flowing.

✔️ Have a cup of Sunshine Tea. Green Tea and Guayusa help energy levels while Organic Hemp Extract can help you feel cool, calm, and collected. As you sip and feel centered, visualize the best version of your day.

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✔️ Eat a healthy breakfast. Build your meal around clean protein so your body can recover from your workout and stay satiated until your next bite.