How to Make Every Day Feel Like a Vacation

There’s no shame in the self care game. We live by the notion that every day should feel like a vacation, and that we all need that daily dose of sunshine and *sparkle.* Whether you’ve perfected your wellness routine or are looking for some new inspo, we’ve curated the perfect feel-good staycation guide with a little help from our botanical teas and Sundrops. Switch on that #OOO auto reply and let the good feels roll.

Take Time Out for Soothing Sips

Unlock vacation mode by instituting a relaxing morning ritual. If you’ve grown accustomed to rolling out of bed and into your desk chair, it’s high time to switch up your routine. Brew some Hello Goldie Botanical Tea and sip slowly, relishing in the liquid warmth and aromatic flavors, from the fruity Sunshine blend, to the rose petals found in Smitten, to the mintiness of Sleep in Sunday. You can even use this time as a meditative moment to set your intentions for the day and allow space for self-reflection.

Go on a Staycation

Vacations can mean staying in bed — even if that bed is someone else’s. Take advantage of local hotel deals and reserve a few days between the sheets, complete with room service and cable TV. Take it a step further by shopping at local, independently-owned boutiques near the hotel that could use your support right now. (Tip: Call ahead to make sure the hotel is taking all the proper safety precautions so your mind can truly be at ease.)

Pamper Yourself

Pampering is synonymous with vacation, and the key is to take things slowly and put some added self care into your routine. Swap your morning skincare steps with a face mask, then opt for a bath instead of a shower — don’t be afraid to break out that bath caddy to give your bathroom that spa feel. Light a candle, use at least one fancy bath product, and sip some hemp-infused Hello Goldie tea as you get mentally ready for the day. If you’re feeling extra sumptuous, invest in a heated towel rack or warmer.

Get Cultured

A vacation typically entails exploring new surroundings, and even if you can’t travel too far right now you can still soak up some culture or learn something new. Watch a documentary on a place you’ve never been to, or take an architecture history class on Coursera. You also finally have time to read those articles you saved on your phone for later, or the copy of the New Yorker that’s been collecting dust on the coffee table.

Go All-Natural

The simple act of being in nature can alter your perspective and uplift your mood. Whether you live in the city, country, or by the beach, there are ways to connect with nature daily. Put your toes in the sand and feel the ocean; go for a hike and take in the sights and sounds of the flora and fauna surrounding you; or go to your local park and people-watch or sit on the grass. Add a little extra warmth by bringing some sunshine on the go: add Sundrops to your water or coffee, and take a few minutes to let the serenity seep in.

Want to ensure you get that dose of sunshine daily? Explore our botanical teas with organic hemp extract and CBD tinctures for an easy pick-me-up any time of day!