The Ultimate Guide to Hello Goldie CBD Tea

Living the daydream from coast to coast is exciting as much as it is exhausting.

I’m always thinking too much, running around, or doing five million things at once. Making tea forces me to slow down: Brewing the water, steeping the tea. Then, the aroma... the deep inhale of a freshly brewed cup of tea instantly calms me down. Taking sips puts a smile on my face. The light sweetness, the flavor — I love it!

Add Organic Hemp CBD and it's basically heaven. Being able to enjoy this piece of paradise in a cup always gives me something to look forward to. 

At Hello Goldie, we want to give people those feel-good essentials that can offer those tiny moments — the short pauses can change the outlook of your day. If you're not sure where to start with our CBD tea, here it is!

London Love

 An ultra luxe, soft yet silky cup of tea. Our newest flavor! Laced with uplifting bergamot and a boost of energy, you'll be feeling bold and bright eyed.
 Buy London Love here.


Our top selling tea flavor! Take a sip of our sweet and creamy hemp infused blend as you sink into a pink sea of fragrant bliss. Buy Smitten here.


Perf for morning or an afternoon pick-me-up! Our luscious blend of hemp infused botanical tea will beam California sunshine over every sip and have you feeling sun-soaked. Buy Sunshine here.

Sleep in Sunday

Our "sleepytime" tea. Pull those sheets over your sleepy eyes and get rested like a sleep in Sunday morning, any day of the week. Buy Sleep in Sunday here.

Explore all feel-good essentials from Hello Goldie here.