A Morning Routine to Keep You Smiling

If you’re not a morning person yet, I really think you should be. How we spend the first few hours after we wake up can set the tone for the entire day! And this isn’t just about being “productive.” It’s about nurturing your body and soul, and setting yourself up with a positive outlook, so you have everything you need to have the best day ever. ☀️

Here is my most uplifting morning wake up routine:

Wake up

Light some incense and think of 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 people to send happiness to, and 3 things to work on. If it’s Monday, I like to set a little #MondayMantra for a sunny week, too.

Make tea

Next, I brew some Sunshine tea. The Guayusa and Jasmine Green Tea in it give me energy and the fruity, floral flavor boosts my mood instantly. Its hemp extract helps keep my mind focused and ready for the day ahead, too.

Sniff & Sip to my horoscope is my go-to. I also love Spirit Daughter.


Lastly, I get in the shower and do a scrubby-scrub with my Korean exfoliating mitt and ON & ON Frankincense Body Wash. It wakes up my mind and skin so I feel fresh and ready for anything! The mitt is kind of like a dry brush, but wet. It feels great to get my whole body tingly to my toes. It's important to exfoliate and wake up your skin — it’s the biggest organ we have.

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