4 Reasons to Replace Booze with Tea During Your Next Friend Hang

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long work day and want nothing more than to unwind — whether virtually or irl — and chat with your bestie over a glass or wine or two... or four.

Or maybe you plan a FaceTime happy hour with your girls. What’s meant to be a carefree catch-up takes a heady turn; it's not until you close your laptop that you realize you’ve drained a bottle of wine and are feeling just a *little* loopy.

There’s nothing wrong with fueling your vent-sesh with the strong stuff. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need! Other times, though, we truly need to relax, soothe our souls, and listen to and be heard by our BFFs.

Here are just a few reasons why sipping and spilling tea can be even better with actual tea than booze:

You remember what you talked about

Drinking tends to make many of us forgetful, there's no way around it. After a night or draining a few, the exact details from your friend’s story are probably a little hazy by morning.

Botanical tea, on the other hand, won’t impair your memory no matter how many cups you indulge in. Brew a pot of Hello Goldie’s hemp-infused tea and sip to your heart’s content; your mind may actually be even sharper as the night wears on. Plus, that familiar pang of "did I say too much?" will be completely nonexistent the next day. Your conversations can be more mindful and meaningful, which will help strengthen you and your friend’s connection.

You won’t overspend

That surprise morning-after bar tab — oof. But a cup of tea is more like the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you pour hot water over one Hello Goldie botanical tea bag 1-2 times and still taste its delicious, herbaceous, flavor, but a whole box of CBD-infused tea is $40 (10 tea packets per box). Much more economical than a sugary $16 cocktail, if you ask me. 😉

You can do it morning or night

There’s no bad time to put the kettle on, just ask your British friends! Want to create a morning ritual with your friend where you sip tea, and “sip tea”? Perfectly acceptable. No more waiting until 5pm to spill the tea… okay, you get the joke. Hello Goldie makes energy-boosting teas: Sunshine and London Love, plus blends that are better for before bed: Sleep In Sunday and Smitten.

You'll sleep better

Imagine feeling well-rested after a night out (or, more likely in), with your best friend. You chat long into the night over yummy cups of hot tea, and by morning your skin is clear, your crops are flourishing, and… well, we can’t guarantee all of that, but we assure you your sleep will be extra cozy! 

Gift yourself and your bestie a box of Hello Goldie hemp-infused tea, and — dare we suggest — matching mugs for your tea dates.