The Best Stocking Stuffers of 2020

Christmas is just around the corner! To help you finish your holiday shopping, we rounded up our favorite stocking stuffers of the season.

Starting at top left, going clockwise:

Beauty Bar Chocolate

I LOVE SWEETS! Chocolate is always a good idea. And with collagen from ground sea pearls for hair, skin, and nails, rhodiola to help with stress, and monkfruit for sweetness I don't feel guilty eating these so you shouldn't either. It's sugar free and dairy free, too!

Available at Beauty Bar, $11

Capsule Parfumerie Hybrid Cologne Sanitizer

Having a hard time find hand sanitizer that doesn't smell like a spilled cocktail? Capsule's Fiele Fraîche collection has lovely sanitizer that have a signature blend of nourishing emollients and organic essential oils that's subtly fragrant — and they aren't drying on your hands, either!

Available at Capsule Parfumerie, $24

Hello Goldie Mix Pack Bundle

This sparkly stocking stuffer lets you sample all of Hello Goldie's hemp-infused botanical tea flavors, plus it includes 2 Sundrops to try as well! I have one of these lil' guys in my bag at all times.

Available at Hello, $15

Smudge Wellness Point

Carrying a stone in my pocket or seeing them on my desk give me a reminder to be compassionate and mindful of my surroundings. It also keeps bad juju away (which we *need* in 2021)!

Available at Smudge Wellness, $15

Dr. Barbara Sturm the Dry Brush

I LOVE a good dry brush. It shouldn't be too rough on the skin, but the perfect wake-me-up to get your biggest organ feeling alive and tingly. You'll be addicted in no time. May cause glowing, softer skin, plus faded scars and stretch marks.

Available at Violet, $35 

Heretic Parfum Sample Box

Who doesn't like getting a lil' dirty?! I'm OBSESSED with their Dirty Mango and Dirty Fig scents. Each fragrance has perfect amount of sweetness. Their scents layer super nicely for any mood you might be in. Try out a tester kit!

Available at Heretic, $45

Paradise Club Body Oil

If I can't go to paradise, I'll take this version. I'm not the biggest fan of lotion and usually stick to coco oil or body oil. This one smells like a vacation and has Argan and Rosehips oil in it to help fade my stretch marks. I love it and use it daily.

Available at, $24

ON & ON Frankincense Hand & Body Wash 

You and your skin will be SO happy with these uplifting suds made with the finest organic oils and extracts, each ethically sourced. 

Available at ON &, $24

Rising Springs Natural Mineral Supplement

Magical mineral water that tastes so fresh. Makes your coffee and tea extra yummy!

Available at Rising Spring Source, $32

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